No More Heavy Periods after Endometrial Ablation

Dare to wear white… Imagine freedom from heavy monthly bleeding? An alternative to hormones or hysterectomy. In about 90 seconds you can permanently reduce or eliminate a messy period.

Endometrial Ablation

Most women with heavy periods (menorrhagia) don’t know that recurrent heavy bleeding is not normal — it is a recognized medical condition that afflicts 1 in 6 women worldwide. Many women think that bleeding heavily for consecutive days or changing their pad every hour is something they have to live with. Consequently, they tolerate their period limiting their participation in daily activities. Others are afraid that the only options are hormones or a hysterectomy.

Imagine freedom from heavy periods?

Heavy menstrual bleeding can be treated simply, safely and successfully. The doctors at Women’s Health Specialists will help you come to a treatment decision by assessing the amount and frequency of your bleeding and by looking at how your periods affect your life. Several factors will be important to your decision, including whether or not you plan to have children in the future and whether you want ongoing therapy or a one time treatment.

Treatment options include hormones—like birth control pills or progesterone; Lysteda® (medication taken during your period), the Mirena IUD, and increasingly endometrial ablation. Too often hysterectomy is recommended,  but it should be reserved only for situations where conservative interventions have failed. While hormones can be effective, it does require you to use them day in and day out until menopause, which averages around 51 years old. The Mirena IUD can be inserted into your uterus in about the time it takes to perform a PAP smear, and lasts for 5 years before it needs to be replaced.

Now with the one-time NovaSure® endometrial ablation procedure, women can finally obtain reliable relief from heavy menstrual bleeding safely, and in about 90 seconds. Clinical studies report that over 90% of women are satisfied with their results—half experience lighter periods and the other half never have a period again. We give women the option of having their endometrial ablation at the outpatient surgery center, or under local anesthesia in the convenience of our office. NovaSure® lets women take control of their lives and return to their normal routines the following day.

NovaSure® Endometrial Ablation – Watch a patient treatment

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