Removing Fallopian Tubes: Opportunity to Reduce Ovarian Cancer

Removing Fallopian Tubes: Opportunity to Reduce Ovarian Cancer

Recent recognition that many ovarian cancers actually arise from the fallopian tube requires a reassessment of our thinking about the management of the fallopian tubes at the time of surgery—Hysterectomy & Sterilization. The tubes serve no physiological role and provide no benefit to women in whom they are retained (unlike the ovary, where preservation may […]

I’m 40. Do I need to worry about getting pregnant?

Despite the availability of highly-effective contraceptive options, half the pregnancies in the United States are unintended. This not only occurs in teenagers, but also for many older women. Last year, women over 40 experienced over 60,000 unplanned pregnancies. Medical emergencies and mortality associated with pregnancy in older mothers far exceeds the risks associated with any […]

Surgery Free, Permanent Birth Control—Essure

5 minute office treatment–No pain, no cutting, no recovery If you have completed your family and never want to worry about birth control again, then you should strongly consider Essure.  It has been FDA approved for over 12 years in the United States.  Over 1 million women have safely & successfully undergone this 5 minute […]

Birth Control Myths Busted!

If you’re like most people, you got your first bits of information about pregnancy and birth control not from doctors, but from your friends or other people your own age. You probably picked up some useful information in this way – but there’s a lot of bad information floating around out there too. And these […]

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