Dr. Scott Kramer’s Personal Life

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an undergrad at UC Davis, I was uncertain how to apply my biochemistry major to a career. Some very insightful people suggested that I merge my talent for science with my passion for helping people. That’s how I began my medical career.

As I was deciding what career to pursue, I met my wife Bonnie, a fellow undergrad at UC Davis. She went on to obtain her doctorate in pharmacy at UCSF. We got married during a two-week break between medical school graduation and the start of my OBGyn residency.

I joined Bonnie at UCSF for my specialty training. The program was diverse, featuring medicine practiced at an elite university hospital, private practice, Kaiser, and San Francisco General Hospital, often called  “the learning center of the universe.” During my third year, our beautiful daughter Kelly was born. I have many fond memories of rolling her stroller through Golden Gate Park.

In 1989, we moved to Pleasanton and I began private practice in Fremont. Bonnie was Super Mom and began a role as a clinical pharmacist with the surgical teams at the VA Martinez Medical Center. In 1990, our son Beau was born, giving Kelly a little brother to boss around. We’ve spent the next 26 years raising our family in Pleasanton, enjoying the typical and special experiences that come with parenthood.

Today, I spend the week enjoying my time treating my patients. I spend free time with my family, playing tennis with friends and, when I can, take fun trips with Bonnie.

I am grateful every day to have a fulfilling career and a balanced life.

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