I’m 40. Do I need to worry about getting pregnant?

I’m 40. Do I need to worry about getting pregnant?

Despite the availability of highly-effective contraceptive options, half the pregnancies in the United States are unintended. This not only occurs in teenagers, but also for many older women. Last year, women over 40 experienced over 60,000 unplanned pregnancies. Medical emergencies and mortality associated with pregnancy in older mothers far exceeds the risks associated with any form of birth control. Plus, most health insurance plans cover the costs of contraceptives at little to no cost to you.

Many women believe pregnancy won’t occur or choose to depend on condoms, which fail 15% over one year of use. Fortunately, there are highly effective contraceptive choices available for women who have completed their families.Essure Effectvieness

IUDs are the most effective reversible form of contraception (annual pregnancy rate less than 1%). The Paragard IUD lasts ten years. It doesn’t contain any hormones, though some women may experience increased menstrual flow and cramping. Alternatively, women often choose to use the Mirena IUD, which lasts five years and usually results in lighter periods (about 20% of women will stop menstruating completely). IUDs can be inserted in less than a minute during an office appointment.

Mirena IUD Method

If you have completed having children and never want to worry about birth control again, then you should strongly consider Essure. Essure micro-inserts (tiny plugs) permanently block the fallopian tubes so sperm and egg can’t reach one another. Most women choose to do this five-minute treatment in our office—No pain, no cutting, no general anesthesia, and no recovery! Essure is the most effective method of birth control, surpassing tubal ligation and vasectomy. For all these reasons Essure has become the preferred treatment for women desiring permanent birth control.Essure

Please help dispel misconceptions and empower women with information about improved protection so they may enjoy sex free of concerns about an unplanned pregnancy.

Wishing you good health!

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